2022 Pilgrimage to Bhutan with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

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    Booking Conditions and Cancellation Policy apply as follow:

    Bhutan tour package total price per person

    • For Double occupancy: USD 3,740.00
    • For single occupancy: USD 4,280.00
    Deposit Payment

    To secure your participation, please pay the following deposit by 15th November 2021:

    • For Double occupancy - $ 1870 (50% of total tour package price)
    • For Single occupancy - $ 2140 (50% of total tour package price)
    Remaining Balance Payment

    To participate, please pay the remaining balance payment by 1st April 2022:

    • For Double occupancy - $ 1870 (50% of total tour package price)
    • For Single occupancy - $ 2140 (50% of total tour package price)

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    Cancellation Policy

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    In case of a cancellation of your booking, a cancellation fee will be charged as specified below. In case any payments have already been made before the cancellation, the paid amount will be reimbursed less the applying cancellation fee.

    Cancellation Charges will apply as:
    • Cancel after 15 November 2021: 25% of the total amount
    • Cancel between 15 March and 15 May 2022; 50% of the total amount
    • Cancel between 16 May and 15 June 2022 : 75 % of the total amount
    • Cancel after 16 June 2022: 100% of the total amount
    • No shows: 100% cancellation fee

    Bhutan – Nepal tour package price per person

    3 star hotels in Bhutan | 4 star hotel in Nepal

    • For Double occupancy: $3740
    • For single occupancy: $ 4280
    The above Bhutan - Nepal tour package price includes the followings:
    • 3 star accommodations in Bhutan, and 4 star accommodation in Nepal
    • All meals in Bhutan in designated restaurants/hotels
    • 3 times dinner and breakfast in the hotel and 2 times lunch in a local restaurant, in Nepal
    • Certified English speaking local tour guides in Bhutan and Nepal
    • All internal ground transportation in Bhutan and Nepal, including airport pick-up and drop-off (Not including the airport drop off on 5th June)
    • Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) in Bhutan, $65 per night
    • International round-trip air fares (Kathmandu – Paro – Kathmandu)
    • Visa fee for Bhutan
    • Mineral drinking water
    • All entrance fees in Bhutan and Nepal
    The above Bhutan - Nepal tour package price do not include the followings:
    • Other personal expenses like overseas calls, laundry, and tips for Guides and Drivers
    • Travel and Medical insurance
    • Visa for Nepal
    • Airport drop off on 31 August. We are happy to arrange the drop off for you upon request.
    • Flight to and from Kathmandu, Nepal
    • Bank transfer fee
    Maximum number of participants
    • 65  people
    Please bring:
    • Warm jacket as it may get cold in the morning and evening
    • Summer cloths as during the day it will be very warm
    • Good leather or waterproof fabric boots or shoes with good soles for hiking
    • A jumper/sweater, denim jeans, and scarfs
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Sandals and flip-flops
    • Backpacks to carry your snack food and drinking water during the long day tour
    • Hat, sunglasses, sun cream and lip balm, for the strong Himalayan sun
    • A good torch for dark temple murals
    • Easy-to-forget toiletries like dental floss and motion sickness medication.
    • Ear plugs – essential against nocturnal barking dogs
    What to wear

    Bhutan has a fairly formal dress code for both Bhutanese and visitors. For men, a shirt with a collar, preferably long sleeves, and long trousers are required to enter a temple or monastery. For women to enter monasteries and temples, a long skirt (covering to the ankle) or trousers are required and a shirt with long or short sleeves. Bare shoulders and bare legs are not permitted in temples or monasteries (f. ex. do not wear tank tops, spaghetti straps, shorts, or skirts above the ankle). One set of slightly nice clothes is good for hotel dinners. Remember to dress in layers as temperatures vary a lot during the day, especially in spring and summer. A compact umbrella or rain jacket is useful any time of the year. We recommend you wear slip-on shoes, as you'll need to take them off at every temple or monastery.
    Additional information regarding dress:
    For women, we can arrange for you to buy traditional Bhutanese skirts, which are very easy to wear, and it would look even more respectful and elegant while visiting monasteries and fortresses. A simple cotton skirt would cost between € 15 - € 30.

    I am aware that the tour is offered only in English and that no translation into any other language will be provided
    If I cannot join the long hikes with the group on Day 5 and Day 13, I agree to follow a separate itinerary that will be prepared by BLZ travels.
    I hereby declare that I take full responsibility for myself, this applies to my physical and mental well-being as well as to my personal belongings, and I am aware that participating in this trip is at my own risk. I confirm that I have the mental and physical capacity to participate in this trip and that I have no health issues that preclude me from participating in the tour.
    I hereby authorize BLZ Travels to photograph, video record and audio record me (“Recording”) as part of the program. I further authorize BLZ travels to use, publish and edit all of the recording at its sole discretion for promotional purposes only, in particular on its website and social media channels. I agree that BLZ Travels owns any and all rights to the Recording which I hereby assign to BLZ Travels without compensation and to which I can no longer assert any claims. I further agree that Nangten Menlang International has the same rights to use the Recording for the same purpose as BLZ Travels.
    I agree with the Booking Conditions and Cancellation Policy of BLZ travels (see below).