Spiritual Journey to Bhutan with Lama Tenzin


Once we arrive in Bhutan we will begin to explore the holiest spiritual sites and important cultural monuments of Bhutan, which provides an in-depth view into the ancient way of life and rich culture that still thrives in Bhutan today. It is a well paced tour, designed to provide the opportunity to really savor the unique highlights of Bhutan’s western and center districts of Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey and Bumthang valley, which offer diverse mountainous landscapes, a rich Buddhist heritage including monasteries, temples and chortens (stupas), historical fortresses and extremely hospitable people. You will discover the vibrant history of Bhutan while visiting the Dumtse Stupa, Kyichu Monastery, and the famous Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest) in the beautiful valley of Paro.

The centerpiece to this tour is time spent exploring the beautiful Bumthang Valley. We will continue driving to the central districts of Trongsa, the birthplace of the monarchy, and the Bumthang Valley, Bhutan’s spiritual heartland featuring 7th century Jambay Lhakhang and Kurje Lhakhang with its rock imprint of Guru Rinpoche. The tour then returns westward to Paro, taking direct flight from Bumthang to Paro valley, where you can hike up to the famous Taktsang Monastery, perched on a cliff 900m above the valley floor. We can easily customise your tour to spend more time in the places that you like best, doing the activities that you are most interested in. We will try to visit all of the places listed below, but the time and date of visits to each location may change based on your interests, weather conditions and road conditions


Day Activity/Valley Overnight
27 Sep Reception at Paro International Airport Hotel Olathang, Paro
28 Sep Witness the famous Thimphu festival, and drive towards Punakha valley Drubchhu Resort, Punakha
29 Sep Hike to Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, and visit Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Nunnery Drubchhu Resort, Punakha
30 Sep Drive towards Gangtey valley, and visit Gangtey Goempa Dewachen Hotel and Spa, Gangtey
01 Oct Hike Gangtey Nature Trail, and visit Gangtey farmhouses Dewachen Hotel and Spa, Gangtey
02 Oct Drive towards Bumthang valley Hotel Ugyenling, Bumthang
03 Oct Visit Jampey Lhakhang, Kurje Lhakhang, and Swiss cheese and wine factory Hotel Ugyenling, Bumthang
04 Oct Visit Mebar Tsho – the Burning Lake Hotel Ugyenling, Bumthang
05 Oct Fly back to Paro valley, and visit Dumtse Lhakhang Hotel Olathang, Paro
06 Oct Visit Ugyen Guru Lhakhang Hotel Olathang, Paro
07 Oct Receive teaching from HH Ngawang Tenzin Rinpoche Hotel Olathang, Paro
08 Oct Hike to Tigers Nest Hotel Olathang, Paro
09 Oct International departure
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Day 01 | Arrive at Paro International Airport (27 September)

Reception at Paro International Airport

Altitude of Paro – 2200 m/ 7,200 ft

Flight Details:
Sunday 27 September 2020
Kathmandu Nepal – Paro Bhutan
Depart – 09:00
Arrive – 10:20

The flight to Paro is one of the most spectacular mountain flights in the world, with a constantly changing panorama of some of the highest mountains on earth.

Program of the day:

  • Reception at Paro International Airport
  • Hotel check- in
  • Dinner at the hotel and briefing about the tour

Day 02 | Witness Thimphu festival (28 September)

Altitiude of Thimphu valley – 2320m/ 7656ft
Driving distance Thimphu to Punakha – 2 hours 30 minutes (88km)

Programs of the day:

  • Breakfast in the Hotel
  • Drive towards Thimphu valley
  • Witness Thimphu festival, one of the biggest festival in the country. This festival is held in the capital city for three days. The festival is witnessed by thousands of people, both local and tourists. Mask dances like Guru Tsengye (Eight Manisfestations of Guru Rinpoche), Shaw Sachi (Dance of the Stags) and many more are performed. The sacred Thongdroel of Guru Rinpoche is unfolded early in the morning on the last day of the festival.
  • Lunch in a local restaurant in Thimphu
  • Drive towards Punakha valley
  • Dinner in the Hotel

Day 03 |  Explore Punakha valley (29 September)

Hike to Khamsum Yulley Chorten and visit Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Nunnery

Altitude of Punakha Valley – 1,310m / 4,300ft

Programs of the day:

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Hike to Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, a 45 minute up hill hike from the Punakha suspension bridge through rice fields. Socialise with local farmers, glimpsing the simple and humble traditions of the Bhutanese people and their way of life. The Chorten was especially built by the queen mother for the well being of all living beings. It was built over the span of eight and a half years, with its design being drawn from religious scripture rather than architectural schematics.
  • Picnic Lunch at Zamling Thang near river side
  • Visit Sangchhen Lhuendrup Nunnery, complex serves as a nunnery center in Bhutan. It has been upgraded to Buddhist college in 2015 by the Bhutan Nun Foundation’s patron, Her Majesty Gyalyum Tshering Yangdon Wangchuk.  The temple is considered as one of the first institutions which offer a masters degree in Buddhist studies for nuns. Apart from the Buddhist studies, the college provides life skill training. Training such as tailoring, statue making, thanka painting and embroidery. It also housed a permanent higher learning and meditation center for nuns.
  • Dinner in the hotel

Day 04 | Drive towards Gangtey valley (30 September)

Explore Gangety Valley, and visit Gangtey Goempa

Altitiude of Gangtey valley – 3000m/ 9800ft
Driving distance Punakha to Gangtey – 2 hours 30 minutes (75km)

Programs of the day:

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Drive towards Gangtey Village
  • Lunch in a local restaurant
  • Visit Gangtey Goempa
  • Dinner in the Hotel

Drive towards Gangtey via Wangdue, one of the major towns and district headquarters of Western Bhutan. We then climb steadily passing through semi-tropical vegetation and then finally onto Gangtey/Phobjikha valley (3,000 m) with an alpine environment of rhododendrons and dwarf bamboo farmhouses and temples dot the landscape. The wide and picturesque Phobjikha valley is one of Bhutan’s few glacial valleys, and chosen winter home of black necked cranes (November – March) migrating from the Tibetan plateau.

Visit Gangtey Goempa (Monastery), an important monastery of Nyimapa school of Buddhism, the main seat of the Pema Lingpa tradition. Monastery’s history traces to the early 17th century and back to the prophecies made by the well-known Terton (treasure finder) Pema Lingpa in the late 15th century. In 1613, his grandson, and reincarnation of Pema Lingpa, fulfilled the prophecy by building a Nyingma temple at the location. Kuenzang Chholing, the long white building nearby, is where monks go to meditate for three years, three months, and three days.

Day 05 | Explore Gangtey valley (01 October)

Hike the 2 hours Nature Trail and spend the afternoon visiting some farmhouses in the village

Programs of the day:

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Set off early for the beautiful hike which gives you a nice feeling of the village. It is the most beautiful and the shortest of the existing nature tarils in Bhutan. From the small hilltop overlooking Gangtey Goempa, head downhill through flower meadows to Semchubara village and from here through beautiful forest and into the open valley.
  • Picnic lunch at the end of hiking trail
  • Visit Farmhouses, experience hotstone bath, and dine with the locals at the local farmhouses

Day 06 | Drive towards Bumthang valley (02 October)

Altitiude of Bumthang valley – 3100m/ 10,170ft
Driving distance Gangtey to Bumthang – 5 hours 30 minutes (160km)

Programs of the day:

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Drive towards Bumthang valley
  • Hotel check in
  • Dinner in the Hotel

Early drive to Bumthang via Trongsa over the Pelela pass (3,300m) and enroute visit Chendebji Chorten, passing through warm/cold broad-leaved and coniferous forests.

Bumthang Valley is known as the heartland of Buddhism in Bhutan. In 746 AD, it is said that Guru Rinpoche arrived here to exorcise a demon from the king and then converted the people to Buddhism, restoring peace to the region. Guru Rinpoche stayed in the valley to build more than 40 temples.

Day 07 | Explore Bumthang valley (03 October)

Visit Jambay Lhakhang, Kurjie Lhakhang, and the Swiss cheese and wine factory

 Programs of the day:

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Visit Jambay Lhakhang, Kurjie Lhakhang
  • Lunch in a local restaurant
  • Visit Swiss Cheese and Wine factory, a small factory, founded by Swiss Bhutanese, produces variety of Swiss cheese, clover honey, apple cider, wine, apple brandy and local beer. It is an interesting place to see, sample and purchase some to try.
  • Dinner in the Hotel

In the morning visit the 7th century Jambay Lhakhang, which is one of the oldest temple in the kingdom. Songtsen Gampo, a Tibetan King in the 7th Century AD founded it. The king was destined to build 108 temples known as Thadhul Yangdhul (temples on and across the boarder) in a day to subdue the demoness that was residing in the Himalayas. The temple is one of the 108 built in a day.

Proceed to Kurjey Lhakhang, one of the most sacred places in the kingdom where Bhutan’s patron saint Guru Rinpoche meditated and left his body imprints inside the cave.

Day 08 | Explore Bumthang valley (04 October)

Programs of the day:

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Visit Mebar tso – The Buring lake
  • Lunch in a local restaurant
  • Dinnter in the Hotel

Enjoy the day exploring some of the many sites around Bumthang. Visit the pool of Mebartso (The Lake of Fire). Me-Bar Tsho (Burning Lake) One of the most sacred sites in Bhutan, the holy lake is said to be one of the holiest lakes in Bhutan. Long time ago, Terton Pema Lingpa (Buddhist saint and treasure discoverer) dived into the lake while holding a burning butter lamp on one hand. Several hours later when he came out of the lake, he was holding some relics one one hand and the butter lamp on his other hand was still burning. Thus the lake was called Me-Bar Tsho (Me-bar=Burning Tsho=Lake).
It is here that Pemalingpa (founder of the Nyingmapa sect) is said to have found treasure hidden by Guru Rinpoche.

Day 09 | Fly back to Paro valley (05 October)

Flight Details:
Monday 05 October, 2020
Bumthang – Paro
Depart – 07:55
Arrive – 08:30

Programs of the day:

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Fly to Paro valley
  • Visit Dumtse Lhakhang, built in 1433 by the iron bridge builder Thangton Gyalpo, the temple was built to subdue a demoness and so was chained firmly to the ground. It’s three floors represents hell, earth and heaven.
  • Dinner in the Hotel

Day 10 | Explore Paro valley (06 October)

Driving distance Paro town to Ugyen Gure Lhakhang: 1 hours (45 km)

Programs of the day:

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Drive to Ugyen Guru Lhakhang in Pangbisa, perched on the cliff within this green hamlet is the ancient temple, the Ugyen Guru Lhakhang. The temple is associated with many such legends and divine commands followed till date. Not known to many, Pangbisa with the Lhakhang is one of the hidden treasure in Bhutan.
  • Dinner in a local restaurant

Day 11 | Hike to Tigers Nest (07 October)

Altitude at Tigers nest – 3,120m / 10,240ft
Hiking distance:4 hours hike uphill

Programs of the day:

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Set off for hike to Tigers Nest
  • Take leisure walk around Paro town
  • Dinner in a local restaurant

On our final tour day, we take an exhilarating two-hour hike to Taktsang Monastery (or Tiger’s Nest), one of the most recognizable sites in Bhutan. Built precariously on a hillside cliff, it sits more than 10,000 feet above sea level. Accessible only by foot, we follow a trail decorated with colorful prayer flags along the way to protect travelers from evil spirits. Built over the caves that Guru Padmasambhava meditated in for three years, this eighth-century father of Bhutan Buddhism is said to have been brought there on the back of a tigress. One of the most sacred sites in Bhutan it offers breathtaking views to those energetic enough to make it to the top.

Thereafter, spend the rest of the day at leisure in Paro, take a stroll around Paro Town to pick up some souvenirs.

Day 12 | Teaching with HH Ngawang Tenzin Rinpoche (08 October )


His Holiness Ngawang Tenzin is a high reincarnation of the Drukpa Kagyu Lineage of Buddhism in Bhutan. He is regarded as one of the most revered teachers of the Drukpa Kagyu lineage in Bhutan. He is the reincarnation of Drubthop Chenpo Jinpa Gyeltshen Rinpoche who was alive in the 18th century. He started studying Buddhism and learning chanting at the age of 5. By age of 16 he was able memorize all chants, became a dance master and knew how to construct all the sand mandalas. He went on to study Buddhist Philosophy at Tangu Monastery in Bhutan.

At the age of 45, the Royal Government of Bhutan and the center monastic body chose him to become Tshenye Lopen, which means he is now recognized as a philosophy master. Five years later, he became H.H. Dorji Lopen Rinpoche by appointment and oversaw the monasteries and monastic practice of the Drukpa Kagyu lineage in Bhutan.

His Holiness Ngawang Tenzin is recognized as a great scholar and meditation master. His teachings are clear, concise and presented in a way that is understandable to the listener. Throughout his life, he has spent 28 years in retreat. His Holiness always radiates great peace, joy, love, compassion and tolerance and many who have met him have been very moved by these qualities which he exudes.

Day 13 | International Departure

Today we will bid fond farewell to this beautiful Himalayan Kingdom. We hope by now you would have kept many photos and beautiful memories of Bhutan! And we look forward to seeing you again in this beautiful land of endless Enchantments.

Flight Details:
Saturday 09 October, 2020
Paro Bhutan – Kathmandu Nepal
Depart – 07:55
Arrive – 08:45

Program of the day:

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Airport drop-off



Trip Highlights:
  • Witness spectacular bird’s eye view of the Himalayas while flying in/out from Bhutan
  • Explore Bhutan’s important spiritual & pilgrimage sites
  • Explore until the center of Bhutan
  • Hike to Taktsang Monastery ‘Tiger’s Nest’- one of the most famous monastery in Bhutan
  • Explore Gangtey and Bumthang valley, the most beautiful valley in Bhutan
  • Receive private audience with His Holiness Ngawang Tenzin Rinpoche
Bhutan tour package price per person

Travel Duration: 27th September – 9th October 2020

Paro – 5N | Punakha – 2N | Gangtey – 2N| Bumthang – 3N

For Double occupancy For Single occupancy
USD 3,560.00 USD 3,920.00


The above Bhutan tour package price includes the followings:
  • 3 star accommodations in Bhutan
  • All meals in Bhutan
  • English speaking local tour guides in Bhutan
  • All internal ground transportations in Bhutan, including airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) in Bhutan
  • International Air fare (Kathmandu – Paro – Kathmandu)
  • Domestic Air fare (Bumthang – Paro)
  • Visa fee for Bhutan
  • Mineral drinking water
  • All entrance fees in Bhutan
The above Bhutan tour package price do not include the followings:
  • Other personal expenses like overseas calls, laundry, and tips for Guides and Drivers
  • Travel and Medical insurance
  • Bank transfer fees
  • Beverages
Please bring:
  • Warm jacket as it may get cold in the Gangtey and Bumthang valley
  • Summer cloths as during the day it will be very warm
  • Good leather or waterproof fabric boots or shoes with good soles for hiking
  • A jumper/sweater, denim jeans, and scarfs
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Sandals and flip-flops
  • Backpacks to carry your snack food and drinking water during the long day tour
  • Hat, sunglasses, sun cream and lip balm, for the strong Himalayan sun
  • A good torch for dark temple murals
  • Easy-to-forget toiletries like dental floss and motion sickness medication.
  • Ear plugs – essential against nocturnal barking dogs
What to wear

Bhutan has a fairly formal dress code for both Bhutanese and visitors. For men, a shirt with a collar, preferably long sleeves, and long trousers are required to enter a temple or monastery. For women to enter monasteries and temples, a long skirt (covering to the ankle) or trousers are required and a shirt with long or short sleeves. Bare shoulders and bare legs are not permitted in temples or monasteries (f. ex. do not wear tank tops, spaghetti straps, shorts, or skirts above the ankle). One set of slightly nice clothes is good for hotel dinners. Remember to dress in layers as temperatures vary a lot during the day, especially in spring and summer. A compact umbrella or rain jacket is useful any time of the year. We recommend you wear slip-on shoes, as you’ll need to take them off at every temple or monastery.

Additional information regarding dress:
For women, we can arrange for you to buy traditional Bhutanese skirts, which are very easy to wear, and it would look even more respectful and elegant while visiting monasteries and fortresses. A simple cotton skirt would cost between € 15 – € 30.