Tibet is a land of mystery in the corner of the world where only the bravest travelers venture off. This distant travel destination is full of intriguing culture, fascinating landscapes, and adventures just waiting to happen. The landscapes across this wild country are absolutely stunning, and truly have no comparison to anything else in the world. Crystal clear alpine lakes dotted with wild animals and back dropped by the majestic Himalayas are exactly the types of scenery you will find in Tibet, along with rolling meadows, golden fields of canola flowers, sparingly-white glaciers and bright, blue skies. Tibet is sometimes called the Roof of the World due to its incredible altitude. Due in part to this, and also in part to the wild nature of this mostly untamed territory; the pollution rate is very low. Tibet is home to a number of different religions, mainly including Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism. Because of the great spiritual atmosphere here, you will find perfect places to sit and contemplate heavenly things. There are three holy lakes in Tibet, and also many sacred mountains, such as the stunning Mount Kailash. Here, you will meet people whose lives are completely devoted to their religion, and seeing their deep spirituality is quite an experience.

Visit the Potala Palace in Lhasa to see the home of generations of Dalai Lama. There are over 100 festivals that go on throughout Tibet at different times of the year. Most of the festivals are connected with Tibetan Buddhism, and have deep spiritual relevance.  Some of the most popularly celebrated are Tibetan New Year (also called Losar), which falls during the month of February, the Saga Dawa Festival around May to June, and the Shoton (Yogurt) Festival in September. Get in on the dancing, celebrating, and pilgrimage that take place during these times. Tibetan people are kind, humble, and generous. While wandering around local markets, teahouses, or monasteries, you will likely strike up conversations with friendly locals. Although you already knew about this, Everest is absolutely one thing that you need to see if you are traveling to Tibet. The fantastic view from the northern Everest Base Camp is absolutely unforgettable, and its dangerous yet beautiful peak will remind you of the efforts made to climb it, the innate struggle that we all have to keep reaching out for harder and higher challenges.