Best Time to Visit Bhutan

It is usually up to what the guest wants to experience in Bhutan that factors into when is the best time to visit Bhutan but following are some of the differences that each season offers in Bhutan.

In a year Bhutan experiences four seasons and each season consist of three months.

  1.  Spring (March, April, May)
  2.  Summer (June, July, August)
  3.  Autumn (September, October, November)
  4.  Winter (December, January, February).

Spring and Autumn are considered the best time to travel to Bhutan.

Summer and Winter also have their own charm and attractions.

Each season has its own beauty and charm. Bhutan is a year-round destination. So, it is entirely up to you to decide your travel period. 

1.  Spring (March, April & May)

Spring is the season when the cold winter gives way to the slightly cool weather. It is the season when the flowers start to bloom and the nature puts on a refreshing look of lush green. Spring is a beautiful season for travellers keen on the local flora of Bhutan. The Paro Tsechu, a famous local festival takes place during the springtime.

Spring is a botanist’s delight as various flowers start to bloom. and plants start budding after their long dormancy in winter. Flowers such as rhododendron, wild azaleas, and edelweiss cover the meadows like carpet and add a new sense of the Bhutan’s landscape.

2. Summer (June, July & August):

Summer season so far has the lowest number of guests as compared to the other seasons. If you choose to visit Bhutan in summer, early June before the onset of the heavy monsoon season is a good time. The heavy monsoon season starts from July with rain in the late afternoons most of the days.

 It is also an abundant time of the year as flowers are in full bloom and valleys are covered in green, weeping willows sweep the banks of many of the river and pine cone glisten in the sun, so full with risen they are ready to plummet to the ground.

3. Autumn (September, October & November)

Autumn in Bhutan, like else where, is a colourful season. The golden paddy fields of Paro valley is breathtaking.The Thimphu Tsechu a colourful local festival takes place during this colourful season.

This is the time when the entire landscape turns into golden color. The farmers harvesting their crops in the golden colored paddy fields under the crisp blue skies is just an amazing view of Bhutan’s landscape in the Autumn season. 

4. Winter (December, January & February)

Winter in Bhutan is a season of clear blue skies. If you want to see the beautiful himalayan ranges and beautiful night skies without paying a higher tariff, then winter is  the perfect time to visit Bhutan. In winter, the black necked cranes migrate from Tibet to their winter home at Phobjikha valley. The famous Black Necked Crane Festival in Phobjikha is also held during this time after the arrival of cranes in the valley

Winter has its moments. The days are full of sunshine while evenings can turn chilly. Soft turfs of clouds drape lazily over mountain tops as if waiting for new life to blow it across the landscape.  The winter season in Bhutan gives one a clear view of the world’s highest Himalayan mountain ranges covered in snow. 

Every season have its own speciality and likewise we believe that every traveller has their own choice of season. Therefore, as a whole travelling Bhutan all year round would be full of fun because every season has its own speciality. Enjoy!