Amazing journey with BLZ tours!

Amazing experience with the best professionals to discover a wonderful country. Warm and kind hearted, each one of them give their best to guide you in what will be undoubtedly a spiritual journey to rediscover your life.


From the bottom of my heart always recommend this great team. We had the most wonderful time.

Thank you to all of you! We had amazing experiences, wonderful deep buddhist teachings, blessings and holy places on and on. The guides were naturally helpful and supporting to all our smaller and bigger situations. Their knowledge deep and fundamental. Their lives our teachings. Experiencing Buthan has a deep impact on my life and has touched my heart profoundly. Who ever thinks about traveling to Bhutan, don't think twice :-)


Amazing journey to beautiful Bhutan

To experience the beauty of Bhutan and the warm heartet people there is one if the best things you can do ever in your lifetime! I highly recommend BLZ tours as they organized everything in a perfect way and all of the Team ( drivers, tour guides, organizers ) are very much caring about you and they will take you to incredible places. On top they are very flexible according to your individual wishes and weather conditions they change schedule in perfekt way. If you need help to go shopping, or going to consultation or to massage or you want o visit special things on top, they will make everything possible for you because they are well connected all over the place. Thank you BLZ tours for all your love and the effort you have made for organizing everything so amazing for us!!! This journey with you and its unforgettable experiences will stay forever in my heart. See you next time!


An amazing and unforgettable trip in beautiful Bhutan

BLZ tours they make your trip in Bhutan an unforgettable experience. They do their best to let you see the beauty of the country , they take care of all your wishes . The hotels are very good . The guides are very good , friendly , helpfull and caring about the people. (we were with a group of 85 people) The drivers were very good to bring us safely at our destinations. I highly recommend BLZ tours if you want to know and explore this beautiful land Bhutan. The will organise your trip so that you will have an extraordanary and unforgettable experience.


The magic land

Great quality, you feel like family and you will see the most beautiful thing you have never been able to see, they make us feel a great inner evolution, you will lack nothing, they are friends forever.

Marta Lopez

Travelling through magical Bhutan with wonderful guides

Wonderfully organised from start to finish. We had two amazing guides for a group of 10 of us from different parts of the world. Accommodation they booked was first class. Absolutely the right price to comfort level. Some of us had dietary restrictions but the team made sure that everywhere we stopped there was food provided to cater to our needs. Delicious meals each time and every single one different. The ground transportation was top class and our driver who was called Karma was safe and reassuring. We got a lot of very useful information prior to departure which prepared us well for the trip. The best part in my opinion was the incredible information we got at each of the wonderful temples and fortresses we visited, painting a multi-layered picture of the culture, history and religion of Bhutan. One of the most amazing countries I've ever visited. Highly recommend. It's not a tough destination to travel through at all and I would love to go back with my children.

Roza Group

A wondrously zippy zigzag through a land of saints and archers.

How to reboot your discovery gene post-Covid? Well, hook up with Bhutan BLZ Tours on the snaky hairpin bends that take you all the way up to Himalayan heaven and (crucially), escort you back safely to reality. The organizers bathed us in a friendly atmosphere of the camps of yesteryear, but with unexpected comfort and an à la carte panoply of experiences. Our guide Letho became a close friend - and, btw - 彼の日本語がペラペラですからもしかしたら日本人の方がブータンに旅行する予定があれば、ぜひレトさんに連絡してください。本当に素晴らしい体験しました。


Amazing Bhutan, amazing tour company!

First of all, your trip to Bhutan is going to blow your mind! And I can't imagine a better way to see the country, understand the culture, explore the history and spirituality and hiking and monasteries and natural beauty than to plan your trip with Bhutan BLZ Tours & Travels. Their caring, attentive, planning and attention to detail was remarkable; they get the highest possible rating from me.

Gregg Stebben

Experience of a lifetime

The trip was extremely well organized and all our travels went smoothly. We had wonderful guides who were knowledgeable, kind and went out of their way to make the trip special for our group. Accommodations were all clean, comfortable and in good locations. Our bus driver was also remarkable in the way he effortlessly navigated some challenging terrain. Couldn’t recommend this tour group enough!

Roza And Group

Magnificient experience in authentic Bhutan

The owner Tshering Yangzom and her family have organised a great personalised tour through Bhutan for us, with marvellous hiking trails, interesting spiritual experiences, nice lunch stops and beautiful hotels. We had a fantastic guide and driver, always focussing on our wishes and well being. Having seen much of the world, this was probably the most special experience ever (so far), much related to the service and guidance of Tshering and her great Team.

Johannes and Tanja

The beauty of west and central Bhutan

It was an extraordinary trip experience with your team! Everybody was professional and kind. The hotels fantastic! Our Guide and Driver was always on time, helpful and very patient. I will always highly recommend your company to all!  

Claudia Recillas