Why Visit Bhutan

It is the first country in the world that is carbon negative with more than 70% of the land being under forest cover and with the constitution mandating that at least 60% of the land be under forest cover for all times to come. The Glorious Himalayas in which Bhutan lies have shielded the country from outside influence allowing it to maintain a culture and tradition that have relatively been unchanged for centuries.

With a development philosophy of Gross National Happiness, Bhutan is set on a different development path than the rest of the world, the Pillars of GNH is based on good governance, environmental conservation, sustainable development and preservation of the unique culture and tradition of Bhutan.

With These philosophy Bhutan have been able to preserve and cherish it’s natural environment and unique tradition and culture as it was centuries ago and you will get a chance to explore and experience the lives that Bhutanese people live.